Inesoft Calendar

A time management software that simplifies your business and personal time organization. Plan your own time and be aware of family or co-works activity.

Inesoft Calendar gives you a fast and easy way to access Microsoft Pocket Outlook Calendar/Task and Google Calendar.

With Inesoft Calendar you can:
  • create and edit calendar/task records;
  • synchronize data with MS Outlook on your personal computer and with Google Calendar on the Internet;
  • share calendar records with family, friends, employees;
  • receive notification of upcoming tasks and your employees and friends activities;
  • create and view events considering time zone of the owner calendar.


What is necessary to use the software program?
  1. Inesoft Calendar installed on your PDA.
  2. Gmail account if you want to synchronize your data with Google Calendar (free of charge service from Google)
  3. Internet connection (Wi-Fi access, GPRS or any other connection available at the moment) to synchronize data with Google Calendar.

Why do you need Inesoft Calendar and Google?
  • The software provides you with a full access to Google Calendar services from your PDA.
  • Create events or activities in your calendar and instantly notify family, friends or co-workers about your plans.
  • Receive notifications of future activities from family, friends or co-workers.
  • Common planning and prompt notification of changes.
  • No need to make calls or send SMS.

How does it work?
After Inesoft Calendar is installed on your device, enter your Google account logininfo and start working.
If your device is connected to the Internet, you can add new records and then synchronize them to Google Calendar;
otherwise they will be synchronized within the first Internet connection or according to the software settings.
Inesoft Calendar is compatible with Google Calendar service and supports any amount of the calendars created for the given account, as well as Microsoft Outlook. Inesoft Calendar has a reminder system of the upcoming events and a convenient Today plug-in which automatically disappears if there are no events in the near future.

There are three view modes:

1. Agenda mode.

2. Day mode in 24-hour format.

3. Month mode with outlined events of selected date.
Calendar is convenient for management by one hand and there is no need to use a stylus.

If Internet connection is not enable?
The program works in offline mode. It means that you can look through existing records and add new records. Once the Internet connection will be enabled on the PDA, Inesoft Calendar will be synchronized with Google Calendar automatically, or under the set schedule.

How much data traffic is spent during synchronization?
The software does not demand the constant Internet connection. Only while data synchronization. 10-30 Kb are spent per session, depending on size of the data and quantity of Google calendars.

Google Calendar is a free time-managment web application offered by Google. If you already have a Google account, you need to open the Calendar tab and to use your login data to sing in. If you don't have Google account, you can create it here. The detailed description of Google Calendar is accessible here.