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Cash Organizer Icon Cash Organizer for Android
This is a continuation of a ten-year history of the legendary financial program for Pocket PC, repeatedly recognized as the best financial software for handheld computers. Inesoft Cash Organizer is now available for Android

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Search for "inesoft" in the Android Market on device or scan the QR code on the right with your Android phone


Control over balances of all types of accounts shall be effected in a single window with the possibility of organization accounts in groups for the intermediate balances. You can always control balances of individual accounts as well as overall balance of interconnected groups of accounts. Account balances that are maintained in currencies different from the main currency are automatically converted in the calculation of the total balance.


The program includes the most complete list of payment properties, what ensures maximum accuracy and flexibility to customize reports, and get really useful information. Additional features and simple forms of Inesoft Cash Organizer automate data entry, making it quick and easy, which is essential for frequent daily use of the program.


Combining categories of the budget makes it possible to quickly obtain information about target areas of spendings. You are always aware of specific category limit usage.


Cash Organizer has 7 base reports, which you can filter out using any of the properties of payments, but also save your changes in a separate window for instant access to selected information in the future. Informativeness is defined as textual reports and graphical presentation of data with instant access to the intermediate calculations that makes it possible to get an idea of how each sum was calculated.


Automatically updated list of payees provides an instant adding of new payments to the program's database. With this feature the most time-consuming process kept to a minimum, you will have more time to analyze the data.


Inesoft Cash Organizer provides wide opportunities for planning the financial future. The ability to enter one-off and periodical payments greatly expands the capabilities of planning, as well as to obtain accurate reports for current and future dates.

Currency calculator

When using accounts with different currencies, there is a need to add exchange rates. In Inesoft Cash Organizer this happens automatically when adding new payments, where the currency conversion is used. The program preserves the history of exchange rates, which eliminates the distortion of amounts when selecting periods for reports when rates were changed.

Backup & Sync

All data sync with Cloud Cash Organizer.

Inesoft Cash Organizer provides maximum data security by offering data backups and synchronize on different devices.