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Inesoft PrintCE SDK for Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows CE/.NET, Windows Mobile

4.22 (2017.04.13)
- improved dithering code (speed increased, better color matching)
- added 'RGB' color mode for PCL5 printers (better quality of color printing)
- added PDC_SetGamma/prnSetGamma/Gamma method/propertie. Used to set gamma for black&wait dithering in range 0.0-2.0. Default value is 1.2
- added PDC_SetPrinterDpi/prnSetPrinterDpi/SetPrinterDpi method. Used to set dpi for printer in generic and draft modes. Supported printers: PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI/Epson ESC_P2/Epson Stylus COLOR. For PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI supported dpi values are: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 600. For Epson ESC/P 2 and Epson Stylus COLOR supported dpi values are: 180, 360, 720.
- added PDC_GetPrinterDpi/prnGetPrinterDpi/GetPrinterDpi method. Used to get dpi or draft dpi for printer.
- for "HP PCL 5" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 203 to 200
- for "HP PCL3GUI" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 300 to 150

- fixed case when for same input data output PDF files look the same but are not binary identical (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)

- added support for printer Fujitsu FTP628/638/648
- fixed resource leak causing unexpected errors after generating 40000 or more pdf files (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)

PrintCE SDK 4.19 (2016.11.11)
- fixed libjpeg structure aligning issue on HPC_MIPS

PrintCE SDK 4.18
- added: COM0 port (id is 20 for SilentSetup())
- added PDC_SetPdfEncodeMode()/prnSetPdfEncodeMode()/PdfEncodeMode method/property (must be called before StartDoc()) to set PDF encode mode (value 0 - set mode 4 (AES 128), any other value - set mode 5(AES 256))

PrintCE SDK 4.17
- for "HP PCL 5e" printer changed dpi in draft mode from 150 to 203
- added support for printer HLP106D
- added support for printer Tally Dot Matrix (24pin)

PrintCE SDK 4.16
- added support for SetPrnParam(2,0) command to turn off form feed on page end for Epson printers - fixed: for printing via network (with network path) only first print was succesfull, second and next failed with message "Cannot establish connection".

PrintCE SDK 4.15
- fixed hang on after aborting of network printing when printing blocked by printer

PrintCE SDK 4.14
- on PC temporary files and logs now saved into same folder where application is located (not into root folder as on devices)

PrintCE SDK 4.13
- added PDC_PdfTextToImage() method

PrintCE SDK 4.12 (2014.09.30)
- Demo version added. For demo version there always "Inesoft PrintCE Demo" text added on each page. Demo version also have trial period 60 days.

PrintCE SDK 4.11 (2014.08.01)
- added PDC_SetSetPdfQuality()/prnSetPdfQuality() methods to set quality for JPEG compression images into PDF.
Quality can be changed from 1 to 100. By default it is 100. Quality can be changed for each page only (not for each image).

PrintCE SDK 4.10 (2014.06.10)
- reduced time of printing to PDF file

PrintCE SDK 4.09 (2014.01.10)
- added PDC_SetPdfPassword()/prnSetPdfPassword()/PdfPassword method/property (must be called before StartDoc()) to set PDF password (AES256 encryption)

PrintCE SDK 4.08 (2013.05.15)
- fixed PDF problem with PDF viewer always offers to save changes into document
- added PDC_SetNetworkAddr()/prnSetNetworkAddr() methods to set network address for silent printing (must be called before StartDoc())

PrintCE SDK 4.07 (2012.11.15)
- added Win32 version of printce.dll and win32 sample (\Samples\C++\VS_2005\Sample_PC\)
- fixed: crash when generating pdf with asian fonts (some rare cases)
- added: support for Star SM-S200/S300/S400/T300 printers
- fixed: crash when printing on "Intermec PB42/50/51" with some custom page sizes
- changed: paper type enumeration for printer "Intermec PB42/50/51" now is: 0 - 2 inch; 1 - 3 inch; 2 - 4 inch; 3 - Custom
- fixed: problem with "Select Network Path" dialog on some devices.

PrintCE SDK 4.04 (2012.01.14)
- added: 2 and 3 inches paper size for printer "Intermec PB42/50/51"; 2 inches paper size for printing with PB22, 3 inches paper size for printing with PB32
- fixed: bug with black lines on PCL 5E printers (present into v4.02 and v4.03)
- fixed: bug when printing over 100 images on one page (for PDF)
- added support for HP PCL3GUI printers
- added support for HP PCL 5e printers
- added support for Intermec PB42/PB50/PB51 and Intermec PB2/PB3 printers
- added suport for Datamax Apex 2/3/4 inch printers
- added suport for LPT2 port
- fixed: FillColor setting caused reset FillStyle to opaque mode
- fixed: wrong color returned for C# properties LineColor,FillColor,TextColor
- fixed: problem with break printing via 'USB' port
- fixed: main app temporary lost focus in silent mode
- fixed other minor bugs

PrintCE SDK 4.01 (2011.05.04)
- fixed: cannot read font names and use some fonts (for PDF)
- fixed: wrong page margins for PCL printers
- fixed: failed font enumerating on WinCE 5.0 (for PDF)

PrintCE SDK 4.0
- decreased memory used for PDF generation with big fonts
- decreased memory used for PDF generation when there are many drawing commands

PrintCE SDK 3.09
- added: when there isn't enough free memory on device for printing, then EndDoc() will return 3
- added: scaling and rotating for barcodes: EAN13,EAN8,UPCA,UPCE
- fixed: when there isn't enough space on device to write PDF, EndDoc() doesn't return error

PrintCE SDK 3.0.8 (2011.01.05)
- improved speed of creation Adobe PDF
- fixed problem with cancel printing for Microsoft BT stack
- added ability to set custom serial port name: set into registry 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE' string value 'COM12' to custom name. And then select COM12 into port setting dialog. PrintCE will use serial port name from registry.
- added ability to cancel print process from C# via registry. To cancel printing set to '1' DWORD value "Abort" into registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE". This value will automatically reseted by printce driver each time when StartDoc() method called.
- added "HP PCL5e" printer
- "HP PCL" printer renamed to "HP PCL 3"
- added custom COM port name support (to set custom port name: set registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE" string value "COM12" to custom port name and select "COM12" into printer port settings)

PrintCE SDK 3.0.7
- fixed "wrong" PDF creation if there isn't enough free space on pda for temporary files
- added methods for special edition PrintCE SDK: PDC_Polygon, PDC_IntersectClipRect, PDC_ResetClipRect

PrintCE SDK 3.0.6 (2010.06.09)
- fixed documentation for silent mode paper size settings for "Adobe PDF"
- fixed printing to HP PCL if 'Legal' paper size selected
- fixed DrawText2() method
- fixed prnDrawPicture() method

PrintCE SDK 3.0.5
- print to PDF: fix error output .ttc fonts (True Type Font Collection)

PrintCE SDK 3.0.4
- print to PDF: added support for .ttc fonts (True Type Font Collection)
- print to PDF: added enumeration fonts into localized font folders
- print to PDF: improved stripping font's EBDT abd EBLC data (actual for fareast fonts)
- fixed connection error for Mobile 6.5 / Widcomm BT stack

PrintCE SDK 3.0.3
- fixed exeption when user cancel printing via Microsoft BT stack
- disabled connection error messages in silent mode

PrintCE SDK 3.0.2
- Completely revised and updatings documentation and examples for eVC, eVB, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 C++, C#, Basic
- Added method ASCII_SetupPort() for text mode
- Fixed connection error when print via bluetooth

PrintCE SDK 3.0.1
- To PrintCE.cs added method DrawBitmap()
- Fixed connection error when print via network

PrintCE SDK 3.0.0
- printer O'Neil OC3 and 4TE support
- fix calculate string vertical size in Compact Framework .NET

PrintCE SDK 2.9.9
- USB Support

PrintCE SDK 2.9.8
- At 10 times faster printing on Canon IP90/IP100

PrintCE SDK 2.9.6
- fix print to LPT port.

PrintCE SDK 2.9.5
- added support MP-300 printer.
- fix print to network printer.

PrintCE SDK 2.9.3
- optimize memory used for picture print.

PrintCE SDK 2.9.2
- added support Canon IP100

PrintCE SDK 2.9.1
- fix path IP/Network address print
- added silent print for ASCII method print.

PrintCE SDK 2.9.0
- added IP address print

PrintCE SDK 2.8.0
- fix PDF image print