PrintCE Library license

All rights for Inesoft trademark belong to Kim Tkhe Sik.

Inesoft PrintCE SDK library (hereinafter referred to as "The Library") is protected by copyright law and international copyright agreements as well as other laws and agreements on intellectual property. You're the only person allowed to use the software products. If you acquired the software as a legal entity, only one physical person in your company has a right to use and reproduce the software as described below.

Inesoft provides you with personal, limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license.

Distribution. You may sell and lease out your program using the Library or use it for demo purposes for unlimited number of times. The library included in your program may be used by your customers for unlimited time.

You're not allowed to use the Library its components in your software if it may become dangerous, cause death to people or damages to environment.

Competing product. You have no right of using the software Library for creation of a product capable to compete with the Library.

You agree that Inesoft and its affiliates may use and collect any information as a part of software support service provided to you.

Elimination of incident, after-effects and of the types of damage. According to the law, under no circumstances Inesoft bears responsibility for effects caused by usage of the Library, provision or insufficient provision of support and other services.

Limited responsibility. In spite of damages caused by any reason, full responsibility of Inesoft company is limited by the amount you paid for the software.

The Library products is protected by copyright law and other provisions on intellectual property. Inesoft company holds name, copyright and other intellectual property rights.