2019 Февраля 25 Обновление Cash Organizer Web, Windows и MacOS X, iOS, Android

Cash Organizer для Web, Windows и MacOS X и Android iOS

  • Добавлен. Полноценная поддержка Тэгов.
  • Добавлен. Синхронизация запланированных в общих счетах.
  • Добавлен. Новые отчеты.
  • Добавлен. Древовидное отображение бюджета.
  • Добавлен. Новая версия для Android и iOS с мгновенное синхронизацией.
  • Исправлены ошибки.

Более подробно на www.cashorganizer.com


2018 Декабря 13 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.22)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.22

  • - improved dithering code (speed increased, better color matching)
  • - added 'RGB' color mode for PCL5 printers (better quality of color printing)
  • - added PDC_SetGamma/prnSetGamma/Gamma method/propertie. Used to set gamma for black&wait dithering in range 0.0-2.0. Default value is 1.2
  • - added PDC_SetPrinterDpi/prnSetPrinterDpi/SetPrinterDpi method. Used to set dpi for printer in generic and draft modes. Supported printers: PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI/Epson ESC_P2/Epson Stylus COLOR. For PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI supported dpi values are: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 600. For Epson ESC/P 2 and Epson Stylus COLOR supported dpi values are: 180, 360, 720.
  • - added PDC_GetPrinterDpi/prnGetPrinterDpi/GetPrinterDpi method. Used to get dpi or draft dpi for printer.
  • - for "HP PCL 5" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 203 to 200
  • - for "HP PCL3GUI" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 300 to 150
  • - fixed case when for same input data output PDF files look the same but are not binary identical (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)
  • - added support for printer Fujitsu FTP628/638/648
  • - fixed resource leak causing unexpected errors after generating 40000 or more pdf files (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)
  • More info...
2018 Ноября 11 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.19)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.19

  • - fixed libjpeg structure aligning issue on HPC_MIPS
  • - added: COM0 port (id is 20 for SilentSetup())
  • - added PDC_SetPdfEncodeMode()/prnSetPdfEncodeMode()/PdfEncodeMode method/property (must be called before StartDoc()) to set PDF encode mode (value 0 - set mode 4 (AES 128), any other value - set mode 5(AES 256))
  • - for "HP PCL 5e" printer changed dpi in draft mode from 150 to 203
  • - added support for printer HLP106D
  • - added support for printer Tally Dot Matrix (24pin)
  • - added support for SetPrnParam(2,0) command to turn off form feed on page end for Epson printers
  • - fixed: for printing via network (with network path) only first print was succesfull, second and next failed with message "Cannot establish connection".
  • - fixed hang on after aborting of network printing when printing blocked by printer
  • - on PC temporary files and logs now saved into same folder where application is located (not into root folder as on devices)
  • - added PDC_PdfTextToImage() method
  • More info...