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Inesoft Cash Organizer 2011 Premium
Overview | Feature and Benefits | Screenshot | System Req. | How to Upgrade
Build 29 October 2010 v.11.0.3
Download Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium for install from Desktop PC for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC
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Best Software Awards Pocket PC Magazine Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium

Main features:

  • Microsoft Money 2005-2007 support
  • Intuit Quicken 2003-2007 support
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile 5/6
  • Inesoft Cash Organizer Express
  • Today smart Plug-in
  • Transactions and Splits
  • Budgets and Budget Groups
  • Loan Calculator
  • Categories and Projects/Classes
  • Import data from OFX, QFX, QIF files
  • Export data to QIF, Excel, TXT, HTML, PDF, BMP

  • Autofill Data From
  • Payee Center
  • Account Groups
  • Scheduled transaction grouping
  • Compatible with ActiveSync v. 4.0-4.5
  • Integration with Pocket Outlook Tasks and Contacts
  • Interactive Custom-made Reports
  • Advanced Data Protection System
  • Scheduled Transactions and Forecasting System
  • Multi-currency System with Exchange Rate History

Easy and fast access to any information

Cash Org 2007 menu Image
  • Accounts
  • Projects
  • Budgets
  • Payee
  • Registers
  • Planners
  • Reports
  • Categories

Instant input of transactions without use of a stylus

The unique ABC Bar system for easy and fast transaction can be customized in any language.

Cash Org Express Main Image
Cash Org Express List Image


Budgets List Image

You can create different budgets groups, which will correspond to the selected targets. Cash Organizer enables the simple control over the categories and notify about limit overflow.

Scheduled payments option allows to forecast the budget state for the end of the month to a nicety. In addition it can show the transactions which are included into budget.


Payments viewing and editing is a pretty frequently used option. Therefore Cash Organizer provides with a large set of professional opportunities for viewing, searching, filtering, duplicating and moving of transactions.

You canview planned bills for any date and to edit them.

You can sort transaction under projects as well.

Registers Image

Planned bills

Cash Organizer opportunities are unique in planned payments sphere. You can distribute payments to groups that will significantly facilitate navigation.

You can always change paymentsí parametrs. Integration with Pocket Outlook will automatically create tasks.

Planned bills Image 

Today Plugin

Advanced Today plug-in allows to be informed about your financial condition. One click will provide you with the access to the important data. You can choose accounts, groups of account balances and budgets you wish to monitore. It will show a scheduled bill list for today.

In the basic screen of Today plug-in Cash Organizer will show the important changes only. Your confidential financial information will be not displayed.

Today Image

  Today Review Image


Cash Organizer has 10 base fully adjustable report types that can be entirely customized and saved for future use.

  • Net Worth
  • Income & Expense by Payee
  • Income & Expense Category
  • Monthly Income & Expense Category
  • Transaction Report
  • Account Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Monthly Project
  • Budget Monthly
  • Project Report

All reports are interactive and enable to launch auxiliary reports. It's possible to edit transactions directly in reports, all calculations are automatically updated.

The result of reports can be saved as: Excel, TXT, PDF, HTML, BMP picture or printed out directly from your PDA.

Report Image

Data synchronization

Cash Organizer can work as a stand-alone solution and enables automatic data synchronization with MS Money 2003-2007.

You can synchronize Microsoft Money:

  • Accounts
  • Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Currencies
  • Budgets and Budget Groups
  • Transactions
  • Projects/Classes and Sub-Classes
  • Payee

You can synchronize Intuit Quicken:

  • Accounts
  • Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Currencies
  • Transactions
  • Projects/Classes and Sub-Classes

Loan Calculator

Loan calculator is a simple tool that will help you to calculate real loan cost and choose between available offers the best one.

Need to enter a base data and the credit will be calculated automatically.

Loan Calculator Image


You can back up you financial data. Cash Organizer allows to create backup copies simultaneously with the recording in two different memory places. For example in the main memory for synchronization with your PC through ActiveSync and on a memory card.

The backup tool can automatically assign file names and delete old files.
All backup files are encrypted.

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