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2017 April 13 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.22)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.22

  • - improved dithering code (speed increased, better color matching)
  • - added 'RGB' color mode for PCL5 printers (better quality of color printing)
  • - added PDC_SetGamma/prnSetGamma/Gamma method/propertie. Used to set gamma for black&wait dithering in range 0.0-2.0. Default value is 1.2
  • - added PDC_SetPrinterDpi/prnSetPrinterDpi/SetPrinterDpi method. Used to set dpi for printer in generic and draft modes. Supported printers: PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI/Epson ESC_P2/Epson Stylus COLOR. For PCL3/PCL5/PCLGUI supported dpi values are: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 600. For Epson ESC/P 2 and Epson Stylus COLOR supported dpi values are: 180, 360, 720.
  • - added PDC_GetPrinterDpi/prnGetPrinterDpi/GetPrinterDpi method. Used to get dpi or draft dpi for printer.
  • - for "HP PCL 5" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 203 to 200
  • - for "HP PCL3GUI" printer changed default dpi in draft mode from 300 to 150
  • - fixed case when for same input data output PDF files look the same but are not binary identical (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)
  • - added support for printer Fujitsu FTP628/638/648
  • - fixed resource leak causing unexpected errors after generating 40000 or more pdf files (thanks to Bernhard Baeumle)
  • More info...
2016 November 11 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.19)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.19

  • - fixed libjpeg structure aligning issue on HPC_MIPS
  • - added: COM0 port (id is 20 for SilentSetup())
  • - added PDC_SetPdfEncodeMode()/prnSetPdfEncodeMode()/PdfEncodeMode method/property (must be called before StartDoc()) to set PDF encode mode (value 0 - set mode 4 (AES 128), any other value - set mode 5(AES 256))
  • - for "HP PCL 5e" printer changed dpi in draft mode from 150 to 203
  • - added support for printer HLP106D
  • - added support for printer Tally Dot Matrix (24pin)
  • - added support for SetPrnParam(2,0) command to turn off form feed on page end for Epson printers
  • - fixed: for printing via network (with network path) only first print was succesfull, second and next failed with message "Cannot establish connection".
  • - fixed hang on after aborting of network printing when printing blocked by printer
  • - on PC temporary files and logs now saved into same folder where application is located (not into root folder as on devices)
  • - added PDC_PdfTextToImage() method
  • More info...
2016 November 11 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium for Web, Chromium, Windows and MacOS X, Android and iOS

Cash Organizer Premium v3.1.04

  • Rename Inesoft to Inesoft-Tritit Ltd.
  • Added. Tag support.
  • Added. Share planner transactions.
  • Added. New interface.
  • Added. New version for iOS and Android.
  • Added. improved synchronization.
  • More...


2014 September 30 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium for Web, Chromium, Windows and MacOS X

Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium v2.1.30

  • Added. Changing the height of the list of transactions.
  • Added. Showing / Hiding the properties of objects (Transactions, Account ...).
  • Added. Displays the account groups in the widget.
  • Added. Configure the widget by category (full filter).
  • Added. Improved Split.
  • Added. improved synchronization.
  • Added. Improved synchronization with Android.
  • More...


2014 September 30 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.12)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.12

  • - Demo version added. For demo version there always "Inesoft PrintCE Demo" text added on each page. Demo version also have trial period 60 days.
  • - added PDC_SetSetPdfQuality()/prnSetPdfQuality() methods to set quality for JPEG compression images into PDF.
    Quality can be changed from 1 to 100. By default it is 100. Quality can be changed for each page only (not for each image).
  • - reduced time of printing to PDF file
  • More info...
2014 May 08 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium for Web, Chromium, Windows and MacOS X

Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium v2.1.14

  • Fixed Profit and loss report;
  • Export report to a file functions are changed to direct link for download in the browser (Online version);
  • Changed display a list of transactions at first start - current transaction is visible on the screen;
  • Added saving of the sort order of transaction list;
  • Export to Excel in reports result;
  • Fixed crashes when editing a budget.
  • A new report Cash flow by months;
  • New opportunities to control user access to shared accounts (available to Premium users);
  • Transaction filter in Transactions mode;
  • Customizing the transaction list by adjusting the width of the columns;
  • Android support sychronization share accounts;
  • More...


2014 May 08 Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android (version 2.3.14)

Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.3.14

  • New - Sync share accounts;
  • New - Support for projects summation;
  • New - Search the entire number and amount;
  • Fixed - Synchronize large data server;
  • Fixed - Reports now correctly handle scheduled payments in different currencies;
  • Fixed - Improved transaction list;
  • Fixed - Many errors correct;
  • More...
2014 March 25 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.9)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.9

  • - added PDC_SetPdfPassword()/prnSetPdfPassword()/PdfPassword method/property (must be called before StartDoc()) to set PDF password (AES256 encryption). Need extended license;
  • - fixed PDF problem with PDF viewer always offers to save changes into document;
  • - added PDC_SetNetworkAddr()/prnSetNetworkAddr() methods to set network address for silent printing (must be called before StartDoc());
2013 June 26 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium for Web, Chromium, Windows and MacOS X

Inesoft Cash Organizer Premium

  • Add Multiselect transactions
  • The budgets of the added ability to include "all other" category
  • Improved navigation on payments
  • Added stories for taxpayers to fill payments
  • Add progress bar for accounts that have a limit on the balance sheet
  • More...


2013 june 26 Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android (version 2.0.87)

Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.0.87

  • New - Sync with Cloud Cash Organizer
  • New - Budget
  • New - Currency support
  • Bug fix
  • More...
2013 Febrary 04 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer Desktop

Inesoft Cash Organizer Desktop

  • Full Features Personal Finance Program
    • Widgets
    • Accounts and Accounts group
    • Scheduler and future balance
    • Reports
    • Import QIF, OFX, TXT, CSV
    • Export QIF, TXT, CSV, PDF
    • Category and sub-category
    • Projects and sub-projects
    • Split and transfers
    • Multicurrency and currency converted
    • Reconciliation balance.
  • Online database with full confidentials.
  • Multiusers
  • Remote access
  • Data security 256bit protocol
  • Share accounts
  • Without install for Web
  • Easy install for Desktop PC and MacOS X
  • Auto update
  • Synchronization with Android.


2013 Febrary 04 Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android (version 2.0.69)

Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.0.69

  • New - Sync with Cloud Cash Organizer
  • New - More new features
  • Bug fix
  • More...
2012 November 15 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.7)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.7

  • - added Win32 version of printce.dll and win32 sample (\Samples\C++\VS_2005\Sample_PC\)
  • - fixed: crash when generating pdf with asian fonts (some rare cases)
  • - added: support for Star SM-S200/S300/S400/T300 printers
  • - fixed: crash when printing on "Intermec PB42/50/51" with some custom page sizes
  • - changed: paper type enumeration for printer "Intermec PB42/50/51" now is: 0 - 2 inch; 1 - 3 inch; 2 - 4 inch; 3 - Custom
  • - fixed: problem with "Select Network Path" dialog on some devices.
2011 December 14 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.3)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.3

  • - added support for HP PCL3GUI printers
  • - added support for HP PCL 5e printers
  • - added support for Intermec PB42/PB50/PB51 and Intermec PB2/PB3 printers
  • - added suport for Datamax Apex 2/3/4 inch printers
  • - added suport for LPT2 port
  • - fixed: FillColor setting caused reset FillStyle to opaque mode
  • - fixed: wrong color returned for C# properties LineColor,FillColor,TextColor
  • - fixed: problem with break printing via 'USB' port
  • - fixed: main app temporary lost focus in silent mode
  • - fixed other minor bugs
2011 October 14 Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android (version 2.0.6)

Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.0.6

  • Add - Widget Cash Organizer
  • Import QIF (with support multy account, split and code page)
  • Bug fix
  • More...
2011 September 12 Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android (version 2.0)

Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.0

  • Accounts and Account group
  • Transactions and Split
  • Scheduler and Forecast Balance
  • Reports and Graph 3D
  • Payee, Category and Sub-Category and Project and Sub-Project
  • Budgets
  • Multy Currency and Exchange rate history.
  • Backup and Restore database
  • Import data from Cash Organizer 2011 Premium for Windows Mobile.
  • and More...
2011 May 05 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 4.0.1)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.4.0.1

  • fixed: cannot read font names and use some fonts (for PDF)
  • fixed: wrong page margins for PCL printers
  • fixed: failed font enumerating on WinCE 5.0 (for PDF)
  • decreased memory used for PDF generation with big fonts
  • decreased memory used for PDF generation when there are many drawing commands
  • added: when there isn't enough free memory on device for printing, then EndDoc() will return 3
  • added: scaling and rotating for barcodes: EAN13,EAN8,UPCA,UPCE
  • fixed: when there isn't enough space on device to write PDF, EndDoc() doesn't return error
2011 January 05 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.8)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.8

  • improved speed of creation Adobe PDF
  • fixed problem with cancel printing for Microsoft BT stack
  • added ability to set custom serial port name: set into registry 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE' string value 'COM12' to custom name. And then select COM12 into port setting dialog. PrintCE will use serial port name from registry.
  • added ability to cancel print process from C# via registry. To cancel printing set to '1' DWORD value "Abort" into registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE". This value will automatically reseted by printce driver each time when StartDoc() method called.
  • added "HP PCL5e" printer
  • "HP PCL" printer renamed to "HP PCL 3"
  • added custom COM port name support (to set custom port name: set registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inesoft\PrintCE" string value "COM12" to custom port name and select "COM12" into printer port settings)
  • fixed "wrong" PDF creation if there isn't enough free space on pda for temporary files
  • added methods for special edition PrintCE SDK: PDC_Polygon, PDC_IntersectClipRect, PDC_ResetClipRect
2010 November 2 Release Inesoft Cash Organizer 2011 Premium (version 11.0.3)


  • Completely redesigned interface;
  • Enhanced user interface elements and essentially updated input methods and transaction accounts for easy data input with your fingers without using the stylus;
  • Updated Cash Organizer Express;
  • Added synchronization with Intuit Quicken 2011;
  • Added synchronization with MS Money Plus;
  • Fixed a situation that sometimes led to errors in synchronization with MS Money and Intuit Quicken;
  • Increased speed and reliability.


2010 October 19 Release Inesoft Phone 7 (version 7.06)


  • New – the maximum picture resolution for contact is increased to 480?640 (please remember that the system database may not hold many pictures in that resolution);
  • New – full screen contact details view in Contacts mode;
  • New – new Move item is added in pop-up menu in Favorites mode;
  • New – closing instead of minimizing of Contacts module after finishing editing when the module was activated from another mode;
  • New – clicking a contact photo in Dialer or History mode opens a full screen picture;
  • New – contact details view in History mode without stating Contacts module;
  • Fix – a lag of history after opening a new SMS in Phone on some HTC ROMs;
  • Fix – missed call reminder - if volume was switched off, vibro signal did not work too;
  • Fix – broken item in contacts database caused Address Book and CallerID modules fail to start;
  • Fix – turning on the dialer pad during conversation;
  • Fix – highlighting of found contacts when using function Add to Contact in History mode;
  • Fix – wrong button action on deleting Favorites page.
  • Fix - formatting of phone numbers that are not assigned to any contact;
  • Fix – the last line of SMS in History mode wasn't always displayed;
  • Fix – contact list sorting by companies, elements weren't displayed incorrectly;
  • Fix – in Contacts mode bottom menu selection wasn't displayed;
  • Fix – vibro on call end option caused speakerphone turned on for a moment;
  • Fix -  in WM 6.5.3 it was impossible to cancel sending of phone or vCard via SMS;
  • Fix – at the end of incoming call the phone block sometimes could not be re-activated;
  • Fix – on some Samsung devices after wired headset disconnected, profile switching didn’t work;
  • Fix – on Samsung Omnia if at a call the remote contact speaks on other line in a call condition indication "2-d line" is added.


2010 August 31 Release Inesoft Phone 7 (version 7.04)


  • New - redesigned the user interface of Dialer, Favorites, History. CallerID and Phone modes; 
  • Fix – issue with improper operation of hardware green button in SMS window in Manila;
  • New – option to block CallerID screen;
  • New – access to CallerID menu;
  • New – possibility to work simultaneously with dual-sim under standard dialer;
  • New – support of 320x480 screen resolution (HTC HD Mini and others);
  • New – instant actions pad in Dialer mode;
  • New – contact details window in Dialer without a need to run Address Book;
  • New – backlight settings  for Gygabyte S1200;
  • New – possibility to move the actions bar up or down in Address Book, Favorites and History;
  • Fix – new contact is not assigned to the last used category;
  • Fix – long text without spaces is displayed correctly;
  • Fix – Samsung Omnia2  WM 6.5.3 standard caller ID could flash on incoming call;
  • Fix – unread SMS  notice on HTC devices;
  • Fix – restoring Favorites from backup could fail;
  • Fix – missed call notifications could be reset if call history is on instead of keypad in Dialer;
  • Fix - screen lock slider could be invisible on outgoing call on devices powered by WM 6.5.3 ROM 28xx;
  • Fix – profile shortcuts on VGA device used QVGA recourses;
  • Fix – on some HTC devices hardware volume button did not turn off the ring on incoming call;
  • New – alternative SMS sending method for HTC devices;
  • Fix – problem with deleting items from History;
  • Fix – duplicated items in History;
  • New – menu item to show contact’s call history;
  • Fix – list height in Profiles mode;
  • Fix – Bluetooth  on/off setting in HD MINI.


2010 June 09 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.6)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.6

  • fixed documentation for silent mode paper size settings for "Adobe PDF"
  • fixed printing to HP PCL if 'Legal' paper size selected
  • fixed DrawText2() method
  • fixed prnDrawPicture() method
2010 April 13 Release Inesoft Phone 6 (version 6.08)


  • Fix – last caller’s photo display problem on devices powered by WM 6.5.3 build 28xx;
  • Fix – save/restore program settings function works correctly now.
  • Other minor fixes


2010 April 11 Release Inesoft Phone 6 (version 6.07)


  • New – option to load system phone module - if activated, additional device properties (like accelerometer) become available, but more memory used;
  • New – it’s possible to use the search system with hardware QWERTY keyboard;
  • Fix – profile switching could reset the "Answer to blocked call" setting;
  • Fix – Today Wi-FI status could be displayed improperly;
  • Fix – change of SMS status to "read" in History;
  • Fix – delete all SMS in History;
  • Fix - in English version a bug during registration could display the "lack of a resource" message;
  • New – after missed or blocked call device is being switched back to the sleep mode in 5 seconds if this mode was active;
  • Fix - flashing system CallerID in Touch3G;
  • Other minor fixes


2010 March 11 Release Inesoft Phone 6 (version 6.05)


  • HTC Diamond powered by WM 6.1 – turning device screen downwards will turn the sound off now;
  • HTC HD2 – Caller ID is now fully compatible with this device;
  • Screen backlight settings work correctly now on Glofiish x900;
  • Fixed shortcuts to Favorites, Inesoft Devices, Inesoft Profiles is assigned on a hardware button;
  • Fixed contact properties displaying problem on devices powered by WM 6.5.3 build 28xx;
  • Fixed button placement on QVGA/VGA screens, on devices powered by WM 6.5.3;
  • Other minor fixes


2010 March 01 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.5)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.3

  • print to PDF: fix error output .ttc fonts (True Type Font Collection)
2010 Febrary 15 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.4)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.3

  • print to PDF: added support for .ttc fonts (True Type Font Collection)
  • print to PDF: added enumeration fonts into localized font folders
  • print to PDF: improved stripping font's EBDT abd EBLC data (actual for fareast fonts)
  • fixed connection error for Mobile 6.5 / Widcomm BT stack
2010 Febrary 05 Release Inesoft Phone 6 (version 6.04)


  • WM 6.5.3 (with a narrow top bar) is supported.
  • Long tap on the SMS button in Dialer mode allow to select the message type SMS\MMS\VoiceMail;
  • Long tap on the green buttons causes the system dialer to process the call entered in Inesoft dialer;
  • Finger friendly scrolling in contact details window;
  • It's possible to adjust duration of vibro feedback;
  • Caller ID is compatible with "Confetti lock screen" on WM 6.5 ;
  • Improved cooperation with system (working off of sensors, long tap on ' * ' and long tap on the Green button);
  • New Inesoft Phone plug-in for Titanium WM 6.5;
  • Rewritten time profile function;
  • Backlight on Acer S200 is supported;
  • Changed missed call/sms reminder function to support new devices;
  • History keeps up to 5000 calls (it is adjusted in Inesoft Options).
  • It's possible to read incoming SMS in History mode;
  • Rewritten Create New Contact function;
  • Now Dialer history mode shows last SMS messages, it's possible to switch on or of this function in History settings;
  • New menu items in Dialer contact viewer - it's possible to perform such actions like to add contact/number to the blacklist and others;
  • Redesigned managing of the blacklisted items, for example it's possible to set a time period of blocking the number;
  • New option Show Contact added in Favorites mode;
  • Improved synchronization with MS Outlook for devices powered by WM 6.5;
  • Other minor fixes


2010 Febrary 03 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.3)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.3

  • Exception occurrence is corrected when the user stops printing through Microsoft Bluetooth;
  • The error message is removed at the press in Silent mode;
2009 October 30 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.42)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.42

  • Fixed a bug in sync Google that appeared if there is some own calendars;
  • Fixed bug causing a conflict when synchronizing with ActiveSync and Google;
  • Added information about the remaining time before the event;
  • Added some improvements in the interface;
2009 October 27 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.41)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.41

  • Fix - Today plugin error resolved;
  • Fix - Google Alert notification;
2009 October 23 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.29)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.29

  • Fix - ActiveSync and Inesoft Calendar conflict problem resolved;
  • Fix - Today plugin freeze resolved;
  • New - possibility to edit an even type. Now is allowed to change appointment or task in any direction (Outlook, Google);
  • New - old events are greyed out now;
  • Fix - completed task listing;
  • Fix - alarm for Google Calendar events;
  • Fix - some situations could lead items fail to synchronize to Google Calendar.
2009October 06 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.27)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.27

  • New - date range selection for Google synchronizer;
  • New - show busy time in appointment editing mode;
  • New - uncategorized filter in Outlook calendar;
  • New - option to hide completed task;
  • Fix - system volume is used for alerts Google Calendar now.
2009 September 28 Upgrade Inesoft PrintCE SDK (version 3.0.1)

Inesoft PrintCE SDK v.3.0.1

  • To PrintCE.cs added method DrawBitmap();
  • Fixed connection error when print via network;
2009 September 20 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.26)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.26

  • Fix - Important bugfix, sync in Google Calendar that can appearing at some devices;
2009 September 18 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 2 (version 5.07)

Inesoft Phone 5.07

  • Fix - hardware button press and sound and lights in some PDA from HTC.
  • Fix - on pda c WM6.5 now synchronized with a desktop Outlook WinXP SP3 created in Inesoft Phone contacts
  • Fix - error message "SafeLoadStr"
  • Fix - for HTC Diamond 2 when press the green hardware button. Now once is a call (off this fix can be created in the registry HKCU \ Software \ Inesoft PIM \ Settings D2Hack variable with a value of 0)
  • New - if the registry HKCU \ Software \ Inesoft \ PIM \ Settings - variable CID_ResetBlocked set to 0, then blocked incoming calls are missing (affects meter and a reminder of missed missed calls). By default, such calls are not considered missing.
  • Other minor fixes
2009 September 15 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.25)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.25

  • New - compatibility with default categories Outlook;
  • New - optimized speed of scrolling in Day and Month modes;
  • Fix - leak of used memory;
  • Fix - error in preparing remind time of task;
  • Fix - font size for Today item.
2009 September 04 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.24)

Inesoft Calendar 2 v.2.24

  • New - Outlook Tasks;
  • New - faster Google synchronization engine;
  • New - minor changes in Google Calendar synchronizator;
  • New - Outlook tasks in Day & Month view;
  • New - multi-line text support in event body;
  • Change - tasks with no start/due date are not listed in day/month view;
  • Fix - standard date format corrected;
  • Fix - error event duplicating function;
  • Fix - Outlook category colors;
  • New - Added Korean UI;
  • Fix - minor bugs in Google Calendar.
2009 September 02 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 2 (version 5.06)

Inesoft Phone 5.06

  • Fix - at the first incoming call the screen lock failed to load;
  • Fix - incompatibility with Manila 2 UI;
  • Fix - backlight tool is now compatible with ASUS P550, Gigabyte MW700, Glofish X650, Toshiba G900, Rover G7 and others.
  • New - transparent Today plug-in (now can be adjusted by changing the registry key: HKCU\Software\Inesoft\PIM\Settings - TodayTransp from 0 to 255);
  • Fix - Phone module could fail to load on some HTC devices.
2009 August 21 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 2 (version 5.05)

Inesoft Phone 5.05

  • Fix - some devices could crash at start-up;
  • Fix - improved Wi-Fi switch;
  • Fix - Glofiish X500 Wi-Fi switch rebuilt;
  • Fix - backlight switch tool rebuilt for Glofiish devices.
2009 August 21 Upgrade Inesoft Calendar 2 (version 2.16)

Inesoft Calendar 2.16

  • New - improved stability of synchronization.
  • Fix - font size of Today plug-in for high screen resolution devices;
  • Change - now the program's database is stored in the root directory. This will improve reliability if installed on a flash device. Previously, if installed on a memory card, reading database could be interrupted because of switching off the power of flash device according to the power-saving settings;
  • Add - replace standard Outlook Calendar function;
2009 August 20 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 5 (version 5.04)

Inesoft Phone 5.04

  • Fix - the first Wi-Fi connection on some models HTC Is corrected.
  • Fix - screen backlight settings on Asus 525, Samsung I900 and Gigabait;
  • Add - the system menu is accessible no during a call with a click on the status bar;
  • Fix - DX900 hangs after switching on GPRS or Wi-Fi;
  • Fix - profile switching on Samsung devices after connecting a cord headset;
  • Add - possibility to show the call list instead of buttons on dialer start up (right now only through register HKCU\Software\inesoft\PIM\Settings - DialerShowList = 1);
  • Fix - duplication of incoming calls after switching the call grouping function off.
  • Fix - impossibility to switch GPRS off on Samsung SGH-i900 (WiTu);
  • New - letter R indicates connection to a roaming network;
  • Fix - on some devices the OEM phone skin could not be restored after removing Inesoft Phone;
  • Fix - on some devices Inesoft Phone failed to replace the standard dialer after change of screen orientation from portrait to landscape;
  • Fix - fast dialing feature failed to dial numbers assigned to 10, 20, 30 and so on buttons;
  • Fix - SMS with "Nonbrakedspace" in body could be displayed improperly;
  • Change - ow SMS is marked read at the review beginning (was at the termination earlier).
  • Add - "Add to contact" function in call & SMS history window;
  • Fix - sometimes the history list could not be refreshed properly.

Before you download and install the update, please make sure there is enough of free memory for program installation. If you have less than 12Mb, please remove old version first and than download and execute CAB file.

The update is free for all licenses purchased after 01-Jan-2009 and does not require obtaining a new registration code (for already registered copy). If you use version 4 or older and your license entitles you to upgrade for free, you may get a new registration code here:


2009 March 13 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 4 (version 4.54)

Inesoft Phone 4.54

Add: Automatic check for upgrades.
Add: New Today plugin.
Add: Icon CallerID in tray.
Add: Two digit speed-dial.
Add: To file skin.ini (settings for CallerID) added ability to customize various features of hard-buttons
Example 1: to assign to the left hard button speakerphone, you must add the line 'hard_key = 112' in section [Button] to this button (c id 6);
Example 2: to assign the right of hard-button response via SMS, you must add the line 'hard_key = 113' in section [Button] to this button (cid 7);
Fix: Error in the profiler, the volume associated with the persistence of the system after soft reset.
Fix: English keyboard layout on the ABC-bar is not looking for contacts that begin the letter "Z".
Fix: Reduced delay display the incoming call on HTC communicators.
Fix: Removed the appearance of buttons above the keyboard windows dialer (on some devices).

2008 December 19 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 4 (version 4.4)

Inesoft Phone 4.4

Add: New predefined European languages for T9 search system: Danish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Polish, Finnish and universal.;
Add: New missed calls/SMS records are separated by colored font in History mode;
Add: Search digits in phone numbers;
Fix: On some devices the Today plug-in could fail to display the profile list;
Fix: Delete All feature deleted all missed calls/SMS regardless of current filter;
Fix: Asus 535 busy vibro signal switched on the loudspeaker;
Fix: Conflict with HTC system Caller ID;
Fix: Options module incompatible with square screens;
Fix: Asus 750 '*' and '#' buttons fail to launch the system dialer;
Fix: Switching the phone on or off could cause the Profile improper work on HTC devices;
Fix: Auto-SMS editing mode.

2008 December 09 Upgrade Inesoft Phone 4 (version 4.2)

Inesoft Phone 4.2

Add: Button lock in Caller ID + option in settings, default skin updated;
New: Updated skin viewer for PC, download is available here;
Add: No notification for cancelled call with red button;
Add: Switch to Inesoft Dialer after conversation is finished;
Add: Separate sound volume of notifications for every profile;
Add: Less memory usage by active Caller ID skin;
Fix: Faster launch of dialer from minimized mode;
Fix: Custom SMS messages could be lost after soft reset;
Fix: On some devices "dialer on green button" setting could be lost after soft reset;
Fix: Dialer and favorites modes did not display Car phone number;
Fix: Glofiish X900 - fixed loudspeaker mode;
Fix: Could fail to play a notification signal in sleeping mode.

2008 October 31 Inesoft Phone 4

In connection with growing quantity of communicators powered by Windows Mobile, which have practically superseded from the market pocket computers without the built in cellular unit, we have reconsidered available functional of Inesoft Address Book and have decided to devote much more attention to functions expanding the phone functionality in the following version. The result of our work is version 4, which has been renamed on Inesoft Phone.

The quantity of changes and innovations is so great that their list would occupy not one page. Therefore we represent to your attention only major of them.

Convenience - necessity to use a stylus is excluded. All actions are carried out by one hand, including scrolling of lists in any mode. All buttons are finger-friendly.

Dialer - as much as possible convenient way of dialing. Now the module unites all possibilities of the program in one window: fast contact searching thanks to T9 system, choose which action to perform (dial a number or send an SMS). The keyboard works simultaneously on search of contact and dialing a number - the program itself distinguishes your actions. The result of search is displayed in the form of icons. At viewing contact profile, results of search are not lost, at any moment you can pass to viewing of other contact.

Profiles - automated managing the main functions of your PDA. There is no more necessity to change settings manually. Inesoft Phone will take care of prolongation of your PDA battery life by turning off, for example, all wireless communication units (GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) for the night and turning them or some of them on in the morning. By one click you can select the suitable sound profile for the notification about incoming calls for different situations when, for example, silence violation will be unacceptable, or you simply do not want to be disturbed by contacts from certain group. The convenient form of customization will not call difficulties, even if you are new to Windows Mobile.

The missed out events notification. Thanks to a sound signal, there is no necessity constantly to turn on your device and to look through messages - if you left for a while your phone and had time to pass a call or SMS, the program will give a sound signal until you pay attention.

Caller ID functionality has been essentially expanded. Now it is not a window with contact's photo on the screen and green and red buttons. Inesoft Caller ID opens access to many functions which can be necessary during a call. You can activate the loudspeaker, reject a call and immediately call back to save the calle