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Cash Organizer Desktop

for Web, Desktop PC, Mac and Android

Take Cash Organizer and we will organize your personal and joint family and business finances and see how your money go.
Use Cash Organizer anywhere Browser or Desktop PC, Mac and Android.

Welcome to Inesoft, the Android and Windows Mobile software development. Our innovative line of software for Android and Pocket PC applications includes:
16 March 2016
Inesoft Cash Organizer v.2.1.59

Personal finance for Web, Chomium, Windows and Mac OS X

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30 September 2014
Inesoft PrintCE SDK 4.0.12

The Inesoft PrintCE SDK library allows Windows CE/Windows Mobile programmers to print and PDF graphics, barcode labels, text, pictures (BMP, JPG)
Added Encrypter and set PDF Password(Only for Source Code license)

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08 May 2014
Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android v.2.3.14

A new version of Cash Organizer for Android. The new version adds support sync with Cloud Cash Organizer. No need dropbox or google drive. Only account Cash Organizer and all data store in cloud encripted 256bit key.

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2 November 2010
Inesoft Cash Organizer 2011 for Windows Mobile v.11.0.3

Inesoft Cash Organizer 2011 for Windows Mobile. We present an updated version of Inesoft Cash Organizer. Completely redesigned user interface for easy management of your fingers. Cash Organizer is unique and has no alternative to Android, iPhone, iPad, or Symbian.

For users who purchased Inesoft Cash Organizer after June 1, 2010 the update is free.

19 October 2010
Inesoft Phone 7 for Windows Mobile v.7.06

We are glad to announce a new improved version of famous program Inesoft Phone, which we made more convenient, fast and reliable. This version brings the most full-featured phone, SMS, and contact manager money can buy.

Every license purchased after 28-Feb-2010 can be upgraded for free. Learn more.

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30 October 2009
Update Inesoft Calendar 2 v2.42

Replaces standard Pocket Otlook Calendar and Task on your device and offers unique capabilities of data synchronization with Google Calendar on the Web.

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Inesoft PrintCE SDK. With PrintCE SDK you can easily implement your application with print and print to PDF features in eVC, eVb and Visual Studio 2003/2005, .NET, C#, Basic.
Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android. Can work as a stand-alone program on your mobile device and synchronize financial data with Cash Organizer Desktop for Windows or MacOS X. Access your bank account and credit card balances, budgets, projects and planned transaction anywhere you are. Customizable interactive reports will show where your money goes, notifications will not allow to miss out important payments or to get credit limits overflowed. Cash Organizer is everything you need and a bit more. Inesoft Phone 7 for Windows Phone Inesoft CalcNote 4 is a calculator, notepade and converter unit in one.