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For Install from Desktop

CalcNote 4 is designed to bring all necessary set of functions to your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It combines calculator, notepad, converter unit, month calendar, timer, stopwatch, countdown time, alarm, world clock in one complete solution.

CalcNote surpasses the default set of features available on WM Pocket PC, making all necessary functions convenient and easy-in-use with the Pocket PC device. The software provides with a professionally implemented features, which make CalcNote unique for the Pocket PC users.

Why CalcNote exceeds

  • The application doesn't cover the whole working screen and can be easily moved to any place.
  • CalcNote utilizes worktable feel making it suitable for the Pocket screen: along with business documents, there are always a sheet of paper, pen and calculator at hand.
  • CalcNote enables you to write down information and make necessary calculations that can be synchronized with financial management software programs such as Pocket Quicken or Windows Mobile Money.

Use cases

  • If you need instantly to write down some important data (phone number, address, etc) while the phone call, you donít need to open Contact application to make new entry and enter phone number in the appropriate field. Simply run CalcNote to create a new note and write down the number, email or draw an approach plan manually. CalcNote will automatically name the note using the first line of the text and save the note on the PC. Thus, you can quickly create notes without being afraid that some of them will be missed. In your spare time, you can rewrite your notes into the appropriate program, classify the information and delete needless note from your device.

  • Sometimes it's very important to make some calculations quickly. For example, you've got e-mail containing numbers to be calculated. Of course you can launch your standard calculator that will cover the whole screen along with the e-mail with the necessary data, so that it will be impossible to make calculations. Otherwise run CalcNote - a calculator that covers only a part of the screen and itís pretty easy to enter all data for making necessary calculations and then copy the result to any of the programs.

Recomended. Attach CalcNote to hardware button or launcher.

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For Install from Desktop For install from Windows Mobile