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Caller ID

The Caller ID tab is a great tool to help you take quick decisions about what to do with calls you receive. When someone is calling, you immediately know who is this person and have several options to reply. This is particularly useful when you're driving, walking or in a meeting.

Video Tutorial

Caller Information

Any time you receive the incoming call, the Caller ID tab will pop up and give you all the information about the caller his name, photo and his phone number. Then You can decide whether the call is important or ugent, or whether the caller can wait until a more convenient time.

Quick Response

Inesoft's innovative display lets you deal with incoming calls quickly, easily and 'if you're driving' safely. When someone is calling you, all you need to do is select whether to mute your cell phone, turn on the speaker, call the person back or send an SMS from a list of preset templates.