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The Inesoft Contacts tab makes editing contact information simple and quick. Now it doesnít take much time to add or edit extra fields, set up their types or add any other details to make your address book as complete as possible. This tab also allows the most effective and reactive search through you contacts.

Video Tutorial

Storing Information

Now you are no longer limited with the predefined fields of the contact information. Inesoft makes it possible to add any information you want and to organize it the way you need, e.g. multiple phone numbers, company names, email addresses, IM addresses and birth dates, etc. The Contacts tab also allows you to add notes, comments and photos to each of your contacts.

Calling Card

This innovative feature was designed especially to let you dial card numbers automatically (long-distance cards, international cards etc.) before your contacts' numbers. This is a great way to savie both time and money every time you make a non-standard call.

Intelligent Search (T9)

Having a lot of contacts in your phone you know how difficult itís sometimes to find the person you need, especially if you donít remember its key details. Inesoft has solved this problem with its intelligent search function: enter any detail you remember for sure, and Contacts will search through all the contact information fields to find who you're looking for quickly.