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The Profiler tab helps you to customize your cell phone to your way of life. From its options, you can quickly switch between different settings for your phone's volume, vibration and many other settings ' all to make your phone exactly the phone you need it to be in every situation.

Video Tutorial

Profile Switcher

Most cell phones have the ability to set up profiles, but Inesoft takes this a crucial step further: it allows you to quickly and easily switch between profiles. You can even set up your own timetable for automatic switching, letting you make the phone react in different ways as your days progress.


Inesoft's Profile tab further builds on what most cell phones offer by vastly increasing what you can define. You're able to do all the normal things like setting the volume, vibration level and whether your WiFi and Bluetooth are on etc., but you can also do extras such as blocking calls from certain groups of contacts and sending out automatic SMS replies to incoming calls (such as 'I'm in a meeting ' I'll call you when I'm finished').